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Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages by Various

Waiting For Mr Darcy

Timeless Love: Romance Stories That Span The Ages is a set of seven tales ranging from 1814 to present day. They are all unique with their characters and settings but perfectly complement each other with similar themes. I loved them all but definitely had a favourite. I wonder which one you like best?

Give Me Thine Heart by Andrea Boeshaar is set in 1814 at the height of the conflict between Britain and America. Caught up in the world of spies, the reader is enthralled with the exploits on the high seas. People are motivated by either God or money. Hearts that serve others are to be applauded. amusing dialogue entertains the reader. A great story to kick off the collection.

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All Of You by Sarah Monzon

Real Live Superheroes

All Of You by Sarah Monzon is a marvellous Christian historical and contemporary romance which I loved.

The action alternates between 1944 and present day, following two very modern, forward thinking and unconventional heroines. Two ladies both operating in a man’s world. They face opposition – not only fighting the Nazis in 1944 but also fighting the attitude of men who believe that the only place for women is in the home.

The airfields of England in 1944 and the towns of present day America offer the reader two different views of life. In both, the reader is cheering on the ladies in their male dominated world, as we get totally engrossed in their lives.

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