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Shadowed By A Spy by Marilyn Turk

Patriotism, Kindness And Prayer

Shadowed By A Spy by Marilyn Turk is a marvelous Christian historical war novel that will have you enthralled from the start.

Set in 1942 Marilyn Turk has clearly done extensive research as she blends fact and fiction to produce a fabulous tale. The reader is treated to an epic novel that focuses on patriotism. Patriotism for the American meant something very different to patriotism for the Nazi. Nazis followed Hitler through brain washing or fear or both. Americans were patriotic because they believed in stopping evil and protecting their land and people. The reader hears about war bonds, digging for victory and concerts to raise morale and funds for the servicemen.

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The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Collection by Various

Search And Rescue

The Great Lakes Lighthouse Brides Collection is a wonderful Christian historical collection of seven stories set in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The stories are united in their settings and themes – search and rescue. This reminds the reader that God is in the search and rescue business. He searches for us until He finds and rescues us from a life of disconnection from Him. He rejoices when we are found. I loved the references to books that were around at the time too. A perfectly delightful set of stories.

Anna’s Tower by Pegg Thomas is a delightful tale that has its base in historical facts. The story is about encouragement, kindness and facing our fears. Hearts and homes are opened up to strangers. Men are rescued, reminding the reader that God wants to rescue each and every one of us. A tale to warm your heart.

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The Gilded Curse by Marilyn Turk

On The Brink Of Change

The Gilded Curse by Marilyn Turk is a fabulous Christian historical novel that had me enthralled from the start.

Set in 1942 on the home front in America, the reader witnesses the fears and concerns of ordinary citizens. Germany was far away but still the threat of possible invasion seemed very real.

The novel is about loyalty. It has far reaching arms down the years. Kindnesses are not forgotten. There is the loyalty of God’s love. If we wander away, He awaits our return. Sometimes our wander away from Him is slow, so slow that until we are far from Him, we had not realised we were adrift. God longs to welcome us back home.

Home is another theme. Home is not bricks and mortar. Home is where people love us and we belong.

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