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The Escape Game by Marilyn Turk


The Escape Game by Marilyn Turk is an exciting Christian historical novel that I read in just one sitting. I could not put it down.

The novel is set during 1941 and into 1942 in Leeds, West Yorkshire and also on the continent. The chapters alternate as we follow a young lady in Leeds and an American fighter pilot.

Marilyn Turk has perfectly captured life on the home front. Leeds was subject to bombing raids that altered lives in an instant. We witness the bravery of ordinary folks who took it all in their stride. The indomitable bulldog spirit was very much alive. People helped those in need as homes were opened up to those who had been bombed out.

Life was tough with rationing too. Families made meals with what was available.

Some of the action is set in the Waddington factory. I was certainly educated as I read. As you work your way through the novel, you will be amazed as you uncover a top secret that was hidden for many years.

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The Old Beach House by Marilyn Turk

His Plans

The Old Beach House by Marilyn Turk is a most delightful contemporary Christian novella that will warm your heart and leave you smiling. It is part of the Waves Of Romance Collection.

The old beach house is looking tired but feeling cosy and warm with memories. It needs some tender care and renovation. This reminds the reader that when we feel tired and worn out, we can come to Jesus, rest in His arms and He will love and restore us.

God’s fingerprints are everywhere. “Nobody can watch a sunset and not believe in God.” Sometimes nature is just so awe-inspiring we have to pause and say “Wow! God! Thank you.”

Life is not always fair. As a character climbs the corporate ladder, morality becomes suspect and “power rules their choices.” When one is obsessed with worldly riches, there are often questionable decisions made.

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Rekindled Light by Marilyn Turk

Shine Your Light

Rekindled Light by Marilyn Turk is a charming Christian historical novel and the fourth book in the Coastal Lights Legacy series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The story is set in 1869 and the American Civil War is over. However there is still a residue of suspicion between neighbours as sides chosen in the war, loom large in memories. It is a time to put the past behind and to move forward into the future.

Losses in the past still remain in hearts. “Sometimes people get so stuck in grievin’, they quit livin’.” A life is on hold, unable to move past a moment in time.

Family is important. Family includes servants who are loyal and loving. There is a wonderful atmosphere of love within a household.

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Redeeming Light by Marilyn Turk

All God’s Children

Redeeming Light byMarilyn Turk is a marvellous Christian historical novel. It is the third book in the Coastal Lights Legacy series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The novel is set in 1875 in a small Florida town with a fort. The reader witnesses the reaction of the townspeople to the arrival of the Native American prisoners. Some are fearful and do not trust them. Others see the beating heart beneath and reach out with love and care.

Clothes and upbringing do not make a man. There is far more kindness and compassion within the Native Americans than within the so-called civilized white people. Souls are seen and connected with as hearts are opened in friendship. The reader is reminded that God looks at our inward character far more than our outward appearances.

In contrast to the open-hearted Native Americans the reader witnesses the judgment and under-handed dealings of some of the townspeople.

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