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The Invitation by Diana Gordon

All Welcome

The Invitation by Diana Gordon is a beautiful tale for the under fives based on Luke 14: 15-24 and Matthew 22: 2-14.

The original Bible story can be read alongside the children’s book so that the children realise that the invitation is issued to them whoever they are – Jesus asks them to come as they are, and where they are. Jesus has prepared a feast for each and everyone of us. Jesus is calling you – will you accept His invitation?

The Invitation does not preach to our children. It talks to us through love, showing that our Father has prepared a party for us with love and care.

We see that when our friends do not come, we are to go outside and invite those we meet. They are an eclectic mix but all are welcome. It reminds me of Jesus’ command to go into all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28: 19).

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Steel Girls On The Home Front by Michelle Rawlins

Friendship And Hope

Steel Girls On The Home Front by Michelle Rawlins is a fabulous historical novel and the third book in The Steel Girls series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading the previous two books first.

Once more we rejoin the Sheffield steel girls in 1940. It is lovely to catch up with familiar faces. The women continue to do their bit for the war effort – whether it’s operating machinery, serving tea or knitting for the troops, the women always give one hundred per cent of themselves.

There is a wonderful community atmosphere as the characters support each other. There are tears and fears, joy and laughter, love and support. Through all the seasons, none of the women battle alone as those around them offer love and care – whether it’s a listening ear, a drink in the pub, or that old favourite, a cup of tea.

Michelle Rawlins has captured the fears perfectly – there is the fear in the air raids, and also a fear that their menfolk will be killed. Some still remember the after effects of World War I and the devastated lives. The reader’s heart breaks for the young girl who misses her daddy.

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The Couple At Causeway Cottage by Diane Jeffrey


The Couple At Causeway Cottage by Diane Jeffrey is a marvellous contemporary psychological thriller that had me gripped from the start.

Diane Jeffrey really is a master of her craft as she takes the ordinary and spins it into a sinister tale.

The setting could be idyllic or isolated – you choose. The darkness holds secrets, covering the land and raising the tension. It is a wild, untamed landscape where the weather often mirrors the action, building suspense.

All the characters are well drawn and realistic. The story is told in the first person, enabling the reader to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what the character does as we become immersed in the book.

Everyone seems to have secrets. Diane Jeffrey hints at events in the past that characters want to stay buried. A small community seems a blissful place to be but the secrets it holds are straining to escape.

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Sammy The Spaniel by Rusty Godwin

Totally Charming

Sammy The Spaniel And So The Story Begins by Rusty Godwin is a charming book, perfect to be read to young children or for more confident readers to read themselves.

There are several tales within the book about Sammy and ten year old twins Steven and Sarah.

Each chapter is a new adventure for Sammy – going to the beach, on a farm, bonfire night, Christmas and more. All are very charming tales as we experience life from the point of view of Sammy, although the book is written in the third person.

The illustrations are simply done but a lovely accompaniment to the tales. Sammy is such a cute, small puppy.

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