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Beauty From Ashes by Alana Terry

Hashtag Blessing

Beauty From Ashes by Alana Terry is a heartfelt contemporary Christian novel that just tore my heart and emotions to pieces.

Written in the first person, the reader’s emotions go through the mill as we pop ourselves right in the middle of the story.

How would I feel if my baby daughter was continually fighting for life? Would I blame me? Would I blame God? Would I bargain with Him? Would I grasp at anything and everything? Beauty From Ashes is a raw account of a new Mums battle with her emotions. The reader ‘feels’ her struggles. We empathise as her actions could be any one of us.

Beauty From Ashes is a powerful story of a mother’s love, grace, forgiveness and the love of a Father for all His children.

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The Pets At Primrose Cottage part 1 by Sheila Norton

A Pure Delight

The Pets At Primrose Cottage part one by Sheila Norton is a delightful taster of the book to come.

Set in the Devonshire countryside, the reader ‘feels’ at home in the fresh air. A warm welcome awaits in the village with its olde worlde charm and a wonderful mix of unique characters.

The story is told in the first person in the voice of Emma, a visitor. There is clearly a mystery to solve? Who is she? Why is she running? I am sure all will become clear in the fullness of time.

Naturally, the pets play leading roles. I am already in love with several dogs and a couple of cats.

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The Wisdom Tree by Lisa Worthey Smith

Utterly Beautiful

The Wisdom Tree by Lisa Worthey Smith is the most beautiful Christian parable. It is soothing to my soul. It is love to my heart. It is wisdom and knowledge in my life.

The book is divided into eleven chapters. Following each chapter are questions designed to make the reader stop, think and self examine. There is a study guide at the back which answers each one of the questions with familiar portions of scripture.

Using a seed as a motif for each one of us, the reader watches as the seed decides to trust his Master and “remained determined to be obedient.” We need to trust God and obey when we hear His voice. He only wants to give us good things.

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