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Whither Shall I Go? by Gina Holder

Trust Him

Whither Shall I Go? by Gina Holder is a wonderful Christian historical romance. It spans the years from 1911 to a few years after the end of the first World War.

The reader crosses from the American countryside to New York City to France and to the jungles of Brazil. From log cabin to expensive town house to the trenches to native villages, the reader is in for a real treat as Gina Holder’s descriptions bring the novel to life.

God is at the heart, as characters seek Him and try to do His will. “Trust God and take a risk.” Following God is not always easy but it is always rewarding.

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Jesus Loves You by Christine Topjian

Beautiful And Clear Message

Jesus Loves You by Christine Topjian is a wonderful little book aimed at primary school age children.

In its simplicity and with its repetition, the message that Jesus loves you comes across clearly.

The book mirrors the child growing up, by lengthening its paragraphs.

The illustrations are clear and easy for any child to understand. My favourite one was the final picture in the book.

The book emphasises how Jesus is always with us and loving us. This is an important message for every child.

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In His Love by T.K. Chapin

My Heart. My Love. My Hope

In His Love by T.K. Chapin is a marvellous contemporary Christian story that deals with homosexuality and the Christian response. In His Love is neither judgemental nor ‘preachy’. It is a realistic read that focuses on a mother’s love for her son.

This can be extended out to the love of God for all His children. The novel reveals that there are some bigoted people in the world but true Christians who have the Spirit of God living inside them, see people to love and not labels to hate.

The novel has a mystery to solve. Reporter John, will do anything to uncover the truth. The truth at all times is important. No one should live a lie.

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An Unexpected Afterlife by Dan Sofer

It Makes You Think

An Unexpected Afterlife by Dan Sofer is a novel set in Israel and concerns the end times. As the reader begins to ask questions, they are drawn into the story from the start.

Dan Sofer writes with an easy style that is endearing to the reader. With comprehensive descriptions, the reader ‘experiences’ life in Israel and is completely caught up in the action.

I thought it was a very clever plotline which reminded me of the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel.

The novel prompted questions from me – what is heaven? What is hell? Hell, as portrayed in the novel, is a very real place that no-one would willingly go to. It reminded me that we all have a choice – will we follow Jesus? Our eternal destination depends on us. I was also reminded of the biblical passage where Jesus talks about the sheep and the goats.

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