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Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman

No Lies, No Leaving

Out Of Darkness by Erynn Newman is a contemporary romantic Christian thriller and what a fabulous read it is. It will have you guessing. It will have your pulse racing and your jaw dropping as you get completely caught up in the action.

The presence of God in all our lives is important. He is the source of all we are. We need to live for Him and be examples for others and lead them to Jesus.

Praising God in the storm is vital. “After all He’d taken from her, she was thanking Him.” With God, there is always something to be grateful for. It is especially important to praise Him when we least feel like it. Praising God lifts our eyes off our circumstances and places them firmly on Him.

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Blink by S.A. Jewell

The Domino Effect

Blink by S.A Jewell is an end times novel. It is a comprehensive read interspersed with biblical passages mainly from Revelation.

Whilst it is a work of fiction, it also contains apocalyptic warnings as foretold in the Bible.

The novel shows the importance of having a genuine faith. You may be able to fool others but you will never fool God. He knows our hearts. “Just because you call yourself a Christian doesn’t… make you a Christian… If you don’t have a true faith then it doesn’t mean anything.” People may go to church. They may even do good works but that is religion. A true faith is having a relationship with Jesus. It is knowing the heart of God and it is Him knowing yours.

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And The Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee

Waiting. Watching.

And The Wolf Shall Dwell by Joni Dee is a marvellous political thriller that will have you glued and guessing from the start. With the action twisting this way and that, backwards and forwards, the reader is in for a thrilling ride throughout the novel. This was not my usual genre But I really could not put it down. It’s great to explore something new that you then love.

And The Wolf Shall Dwell deals with spies, intelligence, counter intelligence, espionage and terrorism. It is a cleverly constructed plot that draws the reader in. I was questioning from the start.

Joni Dee’s style engages the reader in the novel. I ‘felt’ included in the action. As I ‘met’ the characters, I found myself mentally assessing them and wondering – who could be trusted?

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The Scarlet Cord by Debbie McQueen

Bringing A Bible Story To Life

The Scarlet Cord by Debbie McQueen is a Christian historical story of Rahab. It is beautifully written, taking the bare bones of the biblical story and enhancing it with Debbie McQueen’s imagination. It is not meant to be read instead of the Bible but alongside it, as a means of understanding part of the Old Testament. Several OT stories are woven together in the tale.

There is the theme of God’s goodness and faithfulness. In a time of many gods, the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was the only true God. It required faith to worship the unseen. “The key was to trust, believe and have faith without knowing all the answers.”

God uses willing people. “Let me be available to you, to help your people.” God rewards faithfulness. He does not necessarily call the qualified, He qualifies the called. God wants a willing heart and He can supply the rest.

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