In His Love by T.K. Chapin

My Heart. My Love. My Hope

In His Love by T.K. Chapin is a marvellous contemporary Christian story that deals with homosexuality and the Christian response. In His Love is neither judgemental nor ‘preachy’. It is a realistic read that focuses on a mother’s love for her son.

This can be extended out to the love of God for all His children. The novel reveals that there are some bigoted people in the world but true Christians who have the Spirit of God living inside them, see people to love and not labels to hate.

The novel has a mystery to solve. Reporter John, will do anything to uncover the truth. The truth at all times is important. No one should live a lie.

There are many different relationships in the novel. Fractured relationships need to be mended.

We all need firm foundations. Whatever we think of our upbringing, it has made us the person we are today.

We have the hope of heaven because of Jesus’ death. Death is not the end, it is merely the end of the beginning. One day we will be reunited with our loved ones.

God has a plan for our lives. He is always working on our behalf, even when we cannot see Him. “He’s out there and He’s working even when I can’t see it.” God longs for us all to have a relationship with Him. “I let the part of God inside me… get really quiet.” If we have known Him once and wandered away, it is never too late to turn round and return to Him.

I really enjoyed In His Love. T.K. Chapin is not afraid to write about relevant issues that affect lives today, and that raise strong responses.

A wonderful tale about unconditional love. I can highly recommend it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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