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The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak by Lindsey Hutchinson

Working Together

The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak by Lindsey Hutchinson is a marvellous historical novel that I absolutely adored.

The action is set in 1906 in Walsall near the district of Caldmore (pronounced Karma) which I know very well from my three years spent at college there. It was easy for me to picture the action.

This is a tale with a moral showing how our actions and choices have consequences – both for good and for bad. We see that goodness is attractive, and that character will speak for itself.

A warm-hearted character offers help to those in need. Homes and livelihoods expand to give a warm welcome.

At a time when women were seen as second class citizens, it is good to see a group of women succeeding in business. Hard work and skillful hands are the order of the day.

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