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The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak by Lindsey Hutchinson

Working Together

The Hat Girl’s Heartbreak by Lindsey Hutchinson is a marvellous historical novel that I absolutely adored.

The action is set in 1906 in Walsall near the district of Caldmore (pronounced Karma) which I know very well from my three years spent at college there. It was easy for me to picture the action.

This is a tale with a moral showing how our actions and choices have consequences – both for good and for bad. We see that goodness is attractive, and that character will speak for itself.

A warm-hearted character offers help to those in need. Homes and livelihoods expand to give a warm welcome.

At a time when women were seen as second class citizens, it is good to see a group of women succeeding in business. Hard work and skillful hands are the order of the day.

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The Runaway Children by Lindsey Hutchinson

Of Kind Hearts And Angels

The Runaway Children by Lindsey Hutchinson is a late Victorian novel set in the heart of the Black Country (where all my ancestors come from).

Here, we meet people who are the salt of the earth. People do not have much but what they do have, they share with those who have nothing. Kind hearts and open hands abound as we see that the richest people are those who know how to love.

In contrast, a character with wealth is cruel and tight-fisted, intent on causing trouble and strife wherever she goes.

Family is important. Family are those who love us. We see a new family unit created by those who have nothing uniting together.

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