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Mercy’s Refuge by Rita Gerlach

Educated And Entertained

Mercy’s Refuge by Rita Gerlach is a comprehensive historical novel about the journey to the New World by the Separatists in 1620. Fact meets fiction in this glorious new novel.

Rita Gerlach has clearly researched this topic thoroughly as the reader is educated as we read.

These were brave men and women who faced horrendous conditions as storms battered the Mayflower. The people had to put their trust and hope in God that He would safely deliver them.

We journey with the characters from England to the Netherlands, back to England and across to America. Due to colourful descriptions, the reader is able to ‘see’ and ‘experience’ the novel with our senses on full alert. I did find at times I was gritting my teeth as the action was tense!

At times there are tragedies which horrify the reader as we are emotionally invested in the novel. It is based on fact and real life is not always kind.

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