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The Fall by Louise Jensen


The Fall by Louise Jensen is an absolutely cracking contemporary psychological thriller that seriously messed with my sleep as I just did not want to put it down!

We see the action from various points of view in the third person and in different time periods. The voice of the guilty party can be heard but try as I might, I could not work out who it was. I put two and two together and came up with five!

A terrible tragedy is splitting a family apart as we know there is nothing that a parent won’t do for their child. Once united, a chasm is beginning to appear – but just how wide is it?

When tragedy strikes, it seems only natural to want to believe in something outside of one’s self. “She wished she had faith in something… longed for the utmost certainty that her prayers would be if not answered then at least listened to.” We need to know that we are not alone.

Peer pressure is awful. With social media, it is impossible to escape the bullies. We witness a character’s self-esteem eroding and crumbling.

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All For You by Louise Jensen

Absolutely Gripping

All For You by Louise Jensen is an absolutely gripping compulsive contemporary psychological thriller. I could not put it down and greedily devoured it.

The story surrounds one family and some friends. It seems like everyone is hiding a guilty secret – but is it the same one?

Within the family one of the teenage boys is ill. Living with a ticking health condition puts a strain on all the relationships.

The other brother is consumed with guilt from various sources including his part in a teenage prank that had far reaching results. We witness that for every choice we make, we must accept the consequences.

Loss affects a whole family. “I’m sorry I’m alive.” Some things are just impossible to ever leave behind.

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The Art Of Loving You by Amelia Henley

Not All Beer And Skittles

The Art Of Loving You by Amelia Henley is a simply beautiful story of love. It is a love that radiates throughout the novel, escaping to envelop the reader. It is a love that swoops up all in its embrace. And it is a love that will never die.

There is an eclectic mix of characters who are all in need of love – some have loved and lost, others have never been loved. One life unites all the characters. One life brings them all together. One life knows how to love well.

We see a sacrificial love – a love that always puts others before self. It is a life of love that leaves a fragrance of love in its awake.

The book is also a study of loss. “I don’t know who I am without him.” Loss hurts, consumes and makes us feel guilty for what we said or didn’t say.

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The Life We Almost Had by Amelia Henley

Love Will Find A Way

The Life We Almost Had by Amelia Henley is the most beautiful contemporary story about love.

There are many types of love. We witness a romantic love between a couple. Life is not always plain sailing but we see that love goes deep. We see a marriage that is strained at times by life but the love never weakens. It is a love that will never die.

Long lasting friendships produce love. That is a love that will drop everything to offer support in an hour of need.

Parental love goes deep. No matter how old our children are, we always want to heal their hearts and make life better for them.

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