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The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen

Damaged Goods

The Stolen Sisters by Louise Jensen is a fabulous compulsive contemporary psychological thriller that I just could not put down.

Louise Jensen lures the reader into the story from the start as we immediately feel sympathy for the characters. We begin asking questions as to what has happened to damage these young adults beyond repair.

The story is told from several alternating points of view. It is set ‘then’ and ‘now.’ Pieces of the puzzle are revealed bit by bit. There were times that were truly horrifying as my skin crawled while my heart broke for the three young sisters. I wanted to gather them up and wrap them in love.

There were moments when I literally gasped out loud. The action was definitely creepy at times as I had goose bumps.

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The Family by Louise Jensen

Wow, Just Wow!

The Family by Louise Jensen is a gripping, compulsive and absolutely brilliant psychological thriller. It had me consumed and questioning from the start.

The beginning of the book is from the end of the story. It drew me in as I wanted to know what had led up to this point.

The novel is told from alternating points of view. The reader becomes intimately acquainted with the characters – or so I thought – my line of reasoning proved to be incorrect!

Everyone has secrets, secrets that they want or need to protect. Sooner or later secrets will come out, some with disastrous consequences.

We all want to belong. We may feel isolated. “In a world where everyone was thinner, happier and more popular than I was.” We want a family who will love and care for us. Just how far would you go to protect your family?

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The Gift by Louise Jensen

Do I Even Trust Me?

The Gift by Louise Jensen is a fabulous contemporary psychological thriller that had me gripped from the start. The first chapter actually begins near the end of the action so I was asking questions and embroiled in the book from the start.

Grief can grab a hold of us. “Grief has sucked the life from her.” Grief consumes and will suspend us in time. When people face the death of loved ones, they often “prayed to a God they didn’t believe in.” People are desperate and cling to any hope that they can.

When money motivates, life often takes a downward turn. We need correct priorities. “There are worse things to lose than money.”

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The Sister by Louise Jensen

Dancing In A Pink Tutu

The Sister by Louise Jensen is a marvellous and gripping contemporary psychological thriller. It had me reading with my heart in my mouth. It is a fabulous, well thought out novel.

How well do we know people? One face is presented to the world but underneath it is quite different.

Family matters. How far would you go to find your family? What secrets will you unearth?

Love is what we are all searching for. At the end of the day. love is what matters most. We all want people to love us.

The novel is a study in grief. “Grief is crushing, isolating. lonely.” Grief hurts. For some grief consumes and “grief has pushed us apart like repelling magnets.” How do we recover from loss?

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