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The Sowing Season by Katie Powner

Absolutely Charming

The Sowing Season by Katie Powner is a marvellous Christian debut novel about love and life and family.

Katie Powner has created a delightful set of characters, all misfits in their own way, struggling to make sense of life in the season they are in. The main pairing is a fifteen year old girl and a sixty three year old man. On the surface they appear to have nothing in common, underneath they are both struggling to find their way in life and are not so dissimilar. Both are at, or approaching, a crossroads in life.

The two are both guilty of working to the exclusion of all else and they have both been trying to earn the love of their parents. “The years spent trying to make his father proud. Lost in his brother’s shadow.” Even now, years removed from events, they still have the power to haunt and to hurt. In contrast they both have God as the perfect parent but have yet to enter into a relationship with Him. God loves each of us unconditionally for just who we are.

It is no good trying to live out the dreams of others. We were each created with a unique dream and it is this we need to pursue.

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