The Wind Blows In Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner

Pearls Of Great Price

The Wind Blows In Sleeping Grass by Katie Powner is the most beautiful Christian contemporary novel about family, friendship and forgiveness.

All the characters are realistically drawn. They are an eclectic mix from an eleven year old boy to an eighty two year old woman. They all have things in common – they are all perfectly flawed human beings in need of a Savior and in need of forgiveness.

Everyone has a past. We all carry burdens that were not meant for us – whether we are eleven or eighty two. God wants us to give Him our burdens. He wants to exchange them for peace, hope and forgiveness. Often, we are our harshest critics. We need to receive His forgiveness and live in His peace.

Life is hard. Life without knowing God is even harder. We can receive His peace despite our circumstances. “When you have that [peace]… it’s enough. But without it, nothing is ever enough.” We cannot earn God’s peace. It is His gift to us.

We meet a troubled eleven year old and a troubled fifty year old who used to be a troubled eleven year old. Despite the age difference, both are very similar. They have both listened to the voices that have told them that they are worthless. They have believed the voices and repeated the mantra to the face in the mirror. God says they are loved. “Everything God makes has value, whether we choose to see it or not.”

The novel is about choices. We make little and big choices daily. Choices have consequences which we must accept. We mess up but each day is a fresh opportunity to do the right thing. “You don’t become worthless because you mess up.”

Prayers are important. God longs to hear our big and our small prayers. “Desperate times call for desperate prayers.” Prayer should be our first resort and as natural as breathing. We need to listen when God answers. “What have you heard God tell you in your heart?”

God makes each and every one of us. No one is ever a mistake in His eyes. He loves all His children and He wants us to know. “He love you… Because you’re you.”

There are many kind hearts within the novel. Where they see hurts, they long to bring healing. There is physical healing and there is the healing of hurting souls.

No one was meant to journey through life alone. We see characters struggling on their own. Others long to help. It is a step forward when characters admit that they need help.

I loved all the characters. I did have a fondness for Pearl, a pot-bellied pig. She truly was a pearl of great price, as are we all.

The Wind Blows In Sleeping Grass was a serenely beautiful novel and I am sorry it has ended.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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