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The Gingerbread House In Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans

Believe In Me

The Gingerbread House In Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans is a perfectly charming contemporary festive offering that left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

The novel is very community minded as the residents band together to save Mistletoe Gardens.

This is the essence of Christmas in a book – from gingerbread houses to mulled wine to mistletoe – the festive season comes alive under the artistic pen of Jaimie Admans.

Some characters are hiding from life. Some have erected walls around their hearts as past pain still hurts. Others are hiding physical scars.

We see characters getting to know each other. “Eyes don’t make someone attractive, personality does.” Kindness is always a very attractive feature.

We witness the cruelty of dementia. How hurtful it is when our loved ones do not remember us. “She might not know you, but she can sense love.” Our loved ones may forget us but they will not forget how we make them feel. Love shines through.

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The Post Box At The North Pole by Jaimie Admans

Believe Again

The Post Box At The North Pole by Jaimie Admans is the most heart-warming and delightful contemporary Christmas offering. It will fill your heart with love and leave you smiling.

Christmas is a time to believe and to ignite childhood traditions and memories. It is a time to blur the lines between reality and imagination.

A life going nowhere in a grey and damp Britain is injected with light and life after an unexpected family crisis sees a character on route to Norway where clean air and Santa’s village re-invigorate.

For both the character and the reader Christmases past are evoked. For just a few hours we can immerse ourselves in the magic of Christmas – with reindeer, candy canes and of course, Santa.

Characters whose lives have been scarred and on hold for years learn what it is to begin to live and trust and love again. Priorities are ordered as we learn that to love others and for them to love us is the most important.

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