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This Is Where It Ends by Cindy K Sproles

True Riches

This Is Where It Ends by Cindy K Sproles is a beautiful Christian historical novel that will wash over you like a river, cleansing you as you read, and leaving you feeling peaceful.

This is a love story, not a conventional one, but a love story nonetheless. It surrounds Minerva, a ninety four year old woman who has missed out on love her whole life. Only now, as she nears the end, does she find a love that fulfills as the arms wrap around her. This is a love that reaches beyond the pages to envelop the reader. This is a beautiful love that time will not destroy.

We also see the love of a faithful dog. He guards. He protects. He mourns.

All her life Minerva has wanted a family. We learn that “kindness, caring, love makes a family. You don’t have to be blood to be the perfect fit.” Family look out for each other.

Secrets, burdens and guilt weigh heavy. We witness a soul that has been burdened pass this heavy load onto another, so it is carried beyond the grave. The reader’s heart breaks for a character when the secrets are unearthed and she realizes that her marriage was a sham and a lie. She has never felt ‘good enough’ and this has saddened her.

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