Moon Dog by Jane Elson

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Moon Dog by Jane Elson is a powerful children’s novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. It is perfect for ages ten years and over, and also for animal lovers whatever your age.

The novel is about a large boy and a small girl. Both are eleven years old, both love dogs and both have lost a parent. Their similarities unite them more than their differences split them.

We witness the loneliness of not fitting in at school, the peer pressure and the bullies. We celebrate their friendship and bravery as they navigate their way through life.

Strange goings on next door to Marcus send him and Delilah to investigate. Here, they meet Moon Dog, and uncover much more than they imagined.

The chapters alternate between Marcus and Delilah and are in the first person. We get to know both children intimately. They are caring, loving individuals who are both grieving their losses. As we enter their world, we applaud their courage and love.

I absolutely adored Moon Dog. Jane Elson is a new author to me but having read two of her books I can honestly say I want more, more, more! I am enjoying sharing her books with my teenage granddaughters.


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