A New Year For The Seaside Girls by Tracy Baines

Of Love & Compassion

A New Year For The Seaside Girls by Tracy Baines is a compelling historical novel that entertained me for a few hours.

The novel is set in Cleethorpes in 1940, as a group of variety performers adjust to the start of the war. Some are called up, some sign up for ENSA and others stay behind to boost morale. Friendships formed on the variety scene run deep.

Lives open up as secrets are unearthed. Selfish actions in the past need forgiveness. Failure to do so, risks drowning in bitterness.

We see lives that focus on others are met with kindness and compassion. In contrast, a life that looks inward threatens to drown in a pity party. The love and kindness of a four year old reaches the lost and the hurting. Her life, light and love innocently wrap around the lost and hurting who find themselves blossoming under her purity of emotions.

The ability to rescue the hurting even extends to a stray dog! As Mr Brown finds himself with a new home, he shows loyalty too. He even made himself at home in my heart!

Tracy Baines has captured the fear of the air raids but we witness the indomitable bulldog spirit that refuses to be broken.

I thoroughly enjoyed A New Year For The Seaside Girls. The characters extended a warm welcome to all as we witness lives encompassing and encouraging those around them. I look forward to subsequent books in the series.

I received a free copy via Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All  opinions are my own.


A New Year for the Seaside Girls

Can the Seaside Girls embrace the new year with courage…

Cleethorpes – 1940

As the new year dawns the show at the Empire comes to an end and it’s time for the girls to move on.

Years of struggle are over for Frances O’ Leary when Johnny Randolph returns to make things right for her and their daughter – do they have a chance of happiness? of being a family after so long?

But their good fortune is fraught with complications when sister Ruby Randolph decides to have her last hurrah, leaving a trail of devastation in her wake.

Jessie Delaney is afraid to follow her dreams and leave those she loves behind – can she really have it all?

All the seaside girls have their own battles to fight. And while they figure things out it’s time for them to do their bit for the war and keep Britain smiling.

A gritty and heart-warming saga perfect for readers of Elaine Everest, Nancy Revell and Pam Howes.

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3IaMiXf

Author Bio –

Tracy Baines is the bestselling saga writer of The Variety Girls series, originally published by Ebury, which Boldwood will continue with. She was born and brought up in Cleethorpes and spent her early years in the theatre world which inspired her writing. The first title of her new saga series for Boldwood – set amongst the fisherfolk of Grimsby – will be published in October 2022.

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