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A New Year For The Seaside Girls by Tracy Baines

Of Love & Compassion

A New Year For The Seaside Girls by Tracy Baines is a compelling historical novel that entertained me for a few hours.

The novel is set in Cleethorpes in 1940, as a group of variety performers adjust to the start of the war. Some are called up, some sign up for ENSA and others stay behind to boost morale. Friendships formed on the variety scene run deep.

Lives open up as secrets are unearthed. Selfish actions in the past need forgiveness. Failure to do so, risks drowning in bitterness.

We see lives that focus on others are met with kindness and compassion. In contrast, a life that looks inward threatens to drown in a pity party. The love and kindness of a four year old reaches the lost and the hurting. Her life, light and love innocently wrap around the lost and hurting who find themselves blossoming under her purity of emotions.

The ability to rescue the hurting even extends to a stray dog! As Mr Brown finds himself with a new home, he shows loyalty too. He even made himself at home in my heart!

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The Women Of Fishers Wharf by Tracy Baines

A Community Atmosphere

The Women Of Fishers Wharf by Tracy Baines is a marvelous  historical novel set in 1912 in a North Eastern fishing community.

Life was hard. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. People had to make money however they could in order to keep themselves and their children out of the poor house. There were hard choices to be made at times. Women were particularly vulnerable. If they lost their husband, there would be no money as there were no widow’s pensions. Women did what they had to in order to put food on the table.

There were very few jobs available to women. Many worked at home doing piecework in their cottages. Some worked in shops. We see the strength and tenacity needed in order to survive.

Being at sea was a hard life. The atmosphere on board ship has been captured perfectly with Tracy Baines descriptions.

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