To Dream Of Shadows by Steve N Lee

Heart Stopping – So Powerful

To Dream Of Shadows by Steve N Lee is a powerful historical novel that has its roots in fact. The author has carefully woven his tale, clearly after much research in order to be as accurate as possible.

Much of the tale is set in a concentration camp which is hell on earth. We see the story through the eyes of Rudi, a Nazi, and Inge, a young Jewish woman. Their experiences are similar but different. Both are trapped – one in luxury, the other in filth. They are held captive. Rudi does not realise this at first but there is no escape from his posting. We see that “there was a huge difference between being a good German and being a good Nazi. Which one was he?” There are always decisions to be made – keep low and don’t rock the boat? Or stand up for what is right?

We see the strength needed to survive – not necessarily physical but that would help – but mental too. “Some people picked up a rifle to become a freedom fighter, but her resistance was going to be different – she was going to survive to tell the world of the atrocities she’d witnessed.” Luck would be needed too. We witness how Inge found blessings in the most horrendous of circumstances.

Steve N Lee has captured the horror with his words. Conditions were beyond horrific and yet people survived. There were moments of tenderness which were beautiful, as a character has compassion for nature, sharing what she has with a bird who has nothing. This is truly inspiring. “If a Jew can see beauty in a camp filled with horror, maybe there was hope for him too.” Drawn to a quiet inner beauty, she has compassion when those around her have lost theirs.

There is a beautiful bond between a man and his dog. “Bruno was a joy and a wonder, curiosity and playfulness.” Bruno becomes a character in his own right.

It is awful to witness man’s inhumanity to man – but beautiful when we see scales fall from eyes. “The insanity of a world at war melted away … it was as though he was facing another person. A living, breathing, vibrant person. A person just like him.”

To Dream Of Shadows was an incredibly powerful and heart-wrenching read. Steve N Lee has written with care and compassion whilst revealing the terrible horrors the Jewish people endured, from cattle cars to the camps. This is a book that must be read in memory of the six million innocents who perished.

I will leave you with a powerful quote:

“Compassion is contagious, so we should spread it everywhere.”

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my book with your readers, Julia. I’m thrilled you enjoyed it so much – and appreciate that you went to so much trouble by including quotes and posting such a considered review. A huge Thank You!

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