The Secrets Of Latimer House by Jules Wake

The Record Keepers

The Secrets Of Latimer House by Jules Wake is a marvellous historical novel that enthralled me from the start.

The novel is set in 1943 in the Buckingham countryside. It is based on factual evidence but the story is fictional. What happens in Latimer House stays in Latimer House.

Whilst World War II was absolutely dreadful, it did enable women to break out of their traditional roles as they stepped into the shoes vacated by men. “All her life she’d been constrained by what she could do as a woman… The advent of war changed all that.” Women who had previously had little value placed on them, suddenly discovered hidden talents and found themselves in jobs they were talented at. Their roles were vital in winning the war.

The three main characters came from very different backgrounds and life experiences but had new found friendships as they supported each other. They had very different skill sets but perfectly complemented each other.

One of the leading characters fled Nazi Germany to escape persecution. When she hears of the atrocities she sinks into despair. “Your father would not want you to lose yourself in bitterness.” The important thing is to keep track of the evil and bring the perpetrators to justice. Losing oneself in bitterness would destroy you from the inside out.

It is easy to feel guilty for surviving but we need to live in memory of all those who perished, and tell their story.

I really enjoyed The Secrets Of Latimer House. It was a powerful and inspiring read.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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