The Perfect Daughter by Alex Stone

Truth Or Lies?

The Perfect Daughter by Alex Stone is a gripping contemporary psychological suspense that I just could not put down as I read with heart racing.

The novel is written in two alternating time periods ‘then’ and ‘now.’ The reader must try to join the dots to reveal the truth.

There is the theme of trust. When life has a habit of knocking us down, we find it difficult to trust. Sometimes our trust is misplaced.

A mother’s desire to protect is strong but what happens when it becomes overbearing? Is it actually protecting? Or smothering?

A character has been manipulated and molded to fit the ideas of another. In the course of this the truth has become blurred as she believes what she is told. But is it the truth or a lie?

Words spoken over us can build us up or tear us down. People often live up or down to those words. We need to speak life and we need to listen to those who build us up. We all have a choice to make – who to believe? And who to listen to? Do family speak life or death over us? Who is speaking hope into our lives?

There is a beautiful father-daughter bond. Her love and hope in him is infectious as his love for her reaches beyond the pages of the book.

The plotline is cleverly executed and constructed. It is written in the first person enabling the author to manipulate the reader’s emotional responses to line up with the lead character whom I instinctively liked.

Alex Stone is a new author to me but I want to read more, more, more please.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


The Perfect Daughter

The perfect daughter…

Jess Harper has spent her whole life trying to make her mum, Abigail happy and proud. And everything Jess does, from the clothes she wears, the job she has, the men she dates, are all approved by Abigail first.

The perfect boyfriend…

So when Jess announces that she has a new man in her life – plumber Adam – Abigail is less than impressed. ‘A plumber? Really, Jessica….’ Adam encourages Jess to break free from her mum’s manipulation, can’t she see what’s happening?

The perfect mother….

But Abigail is only doing these things to keep Jess safe, to protect her from getting hurt again…isn’t she?

Or the perfect liar?

Jess, caught in the middle, doesn’t know who to believe or trust. And then Adam vanishes without trace.

Now Jess is the police’s prime suspect and they want to know if Jess really is as perfect as she seems….

A gripping new psychological thriller for fans of Sue Watson, Shalini Boland and S.E.Lynes

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Alex Stone, originally an accountant from the West Midlands, is now a psychological suspense writer based in Dorset. This beautiful and dramatic coastline is the inspiration and setting for her novels. She was awarded the Katie Fforde Bursary in 2019 and her debut thriller The Perfect Daughter will be published by  Boldwood in October 2021.

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