Dead Edge by Jack Ford

By Any Means Necessary

Dead Edge by Jack Ford… oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! This contemporary political thriller continues to follow Thomas J Cooper in his second adventure. It can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading book one, The Killing Grounds, first.

This is an absolutely cracking first rate thriller that focuses on protecting America’s homeland “by any means necessary.” A complex and well thought out plotline embroils the reader in terrorism and counter terrorism whilst not rocking the political boat. Politicians do what they have to do to keep America safe. They tell the public what they want to hear but not necessarily the truth.

Once again the reader meets the knights in shining armour in the form of Coop and his team. They remind me of the three musketeers as they fight for life, liberty and truth. Their hearts are in the right place even if at times they go off piste. They are “all for one and one for all.”

You cannot see what the characters see and do what the characters do, without being affected. The readers witnesses the private battle with prescription drugs in the hope of blotting out events from eight years earlier. Guilt threatens to sink a character.

The reader sees the brutality of the terrorists. The lengths they will stoop to in order to pursue their beliefs. It’s really quite frightening.

Dead Edge had me gripped from the start. I am loving this series and have a lot of time and respect for Coop with his sense of duty, loyalty and love.

The ending is fabulous. My jaw literally dropped. I am perfectly poised for book three. Please write quickly Jack Ford!

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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