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The Orphans Of Berlin by Jina Bacarr


The Orphans Of Berlin by Jina Bacarr is a powerful historical novel that consumed me from the start.

The action is set from 1936 to roughly 1942, with a post war epilogue. We hear the events through two alternating voices, both of which are incredibly brave.

Events take place in America, Paris and Berlin. The gaiety of America in 1936 contrasts with events in Europe as the storm clouds are gathering, and the persecution of the Jewish people is beginning to reach beyond Germany.

It is against this background that we find ordinary people committing extraordinary acts of bravery. Despite the fear, even young children stand up for family. It was a time of unspeakable horror, and also great love and bravery.

As we follow the orphans of Berlin, we see an ordinary Jewish family who are united by love and music. Music lifts us beyond our circumstances as we seek to lose ourselves within the melody.

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