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The Flame Tree by Siobhan Daiko

Extraordinary Bravery

The Flame Tree by Siobhan Daiko is a fascinating historical novel and part of the Hong Kong Collection.

The story is fictional but has its roots in fact. It is set in 1939 and into the World War II years in Hong Kong. I was educated as I read about the brave people of Hong Kong during the war.

Ordinary men and women were flung into war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in December 1941. As a British colony, the Hong Kong people fought against the Japanese.

Some young British men living in Hong Kong formed an elite group Z. They were fearless in their fight.

We see the difficulties facing a young British man and a Eurasian woman, the daughter of a prominent Hong Kong citizen. To be seen with the man would mean ruin for the young woman. Love must find a way.

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