A Song Of Silence by Steve N Lee

The Love Remains

A Song Of Silence by Steve N Lee is the most powerful and heartbreaking historical novel that totally consumed me. It is set in Poland beginning in 1939 as war breaks out. The roots of the story are grounded in fact, being based on the very brave Janusz Korczak who ran an orphanage. I knew about this real life incredibly brave man, so I had an idea where the book was going.

The reader witnesses the Nazis walking into a village where the lead character Mirek Kozlowski has his orphanage. It was a time of great horror. Families were desperate to escape but “there was nowhere to run.” The author has conveyed the fear and the horror. It is a horror that gets deeper and darker as the grip of the Nazis intensifies.

Mirek Kozlowski is a well-rounded, fully believable character. His heart is huge. He turns no one away from his orphanage and is well loved by all.

Mirek Kozlowski practices sacrificial love. Every action he undertakes is for the good of the children in his care. He doesn’t want to lose even one life – but the Nazi war machine breaks his heart.

As a lead character, Mirek Kozlowski faces many choices. His choices are always for the good of the children.

The closing scenes of the novel were superbly constructed by the author. I could ‘see’ the horrors, whilst simultaneously ‘feeling’ the love that Mirek Kozlowski had for the children, and they had for him. The children trusted him completely and he never let them down. In the midst of total depravity, Mirek Kozlowski kept his humanity. He, like Jesus, calmed the storm that could have raged, as he gave the children something better to focus on, rather than the horrors that surrounded them.

There is an underlying love story. The reader ‘feels’ the emotions, long before the characters acknowledge them. We desire a happy ending – and I must say, the final scene is very beautiful. It warmed my heart.

A Song Of Silence shows the very best of humanity and the very worst. There is so much love that oozes from the pages and envelops the reader.

This is a book that will have you reaching for the tissues. I absolutely loved the heart of Mirek Kozlowski. His love is infectious at a time of great evil. Despite the horrific time under Nazi occupation, it is the love that remains long after the final page is read.

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Very nicely worded review, Julia. Thank you for sharing my new book with your readers. Much appreciated!
    I’m so pleased you enjoyed Mirek’s story so much.

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