The Escape Game by Marilyn Turk


The Escape Game by Marilyn Turk is an exciting Christian historical novel that I read in just one sitting. I could not put it down.

The novel is set during 1941 and into 1942 in Leeds, West Yorkshire and also on the continent. The chapters alternate as we follow a young lady in Leeds and an American fighter pilot.

Marilyn Turk has perfectly captured life on the home front. Leeds was subject to bombing raids that altered lives in an instant. We witness the bravery of ordinary folks who took it all in their stride. The indomitable bulldog spirit was very much alive. People helped those in need as homes were opened up to those who had been bombed out.

Life was tough with rationing too. Families made meals with what was available.

Some of the action is set in the Waddington factory. I was certainly educated as I read. As you work your way through the novel, you will be amazed as you uncover a top secret that was hidden for many years.

Life as a pilot could be fragile. Marilyn Turk shows the guts needed to just keep going. The young pilot is a brave and determined young man.

Marilyn Turk has clearly and methodically researched for her novel. From her masterful pen, the reader ‘lives’ through the action. We can ‘feel’ the fear of the raids and marvel at the bravery of all.

Faith in God is what held people together. Those with faith had a great hope – hope that God held them safely and that all would be well. God was in control whatever happened and they could experience His peace despite their circumstances.

The Bible holds the keys to faith and freedom as we see in the novel. Those without a faith begin to tentatively explore as what they see in others with a faith is attractive. We know that all of heaven rejoices when a sinner comes home.

God weaves all things together and is working His purposes out.

Thank you Marilyn Turk for another cracking novel.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“Anything that’s out of my control, I just hand over to God. He sees the whole picture, and I only see a little piece of it.”

I received a free copy from the author. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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