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Flambards Divided by K.M. Peyton

Old Rivalries

Flambards Divided by K.M. Peyton is the final book in the marvellous YA historical Flambards series.

In this book the First World War is drawing to a close but not before it has blighted more young men’s lives. Men are killed, injured or battle scarred. For some the scars are visible, for others they are buried inside. War changes everyone.

Class barriers are beginning to break down. “There’s no class distinction in dying.” At home old habits die hard. Former servants whose status is now elevated find it hard to adjust and cannot lose their work ethic. Those who used to lord it over them, cannot accept that now they are on an equal footing. In Flambards it seems that the status quo will never change. Old tensions rise as relations are strained.

Cars are coming into fashion. Some still prefer horses. The need for speed unites them both as they find it exhilarating.

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Flambards In Summer by K.M. Peyton


Flambards In Summer by K.M. Peyton is the third book in the marvellous YA historical Flambards series. The books need to be read in order as they each follow on from the last.

The year is now 1916. The First World War is at its height using many young men as cannon fodder. “In 1916 a young woman dressed in mourning did not evoke a second glance.”

Not only were the young able bodied men at the Front, the domestic and work horses had also been commandeered. It took some clever thinking to be able to restore and run Flambards. Christina needs to harness whatever work force and animals she can.

Christina has grown into a fine young woman, still with a good heart and a compassionate nature. She seeks to right the wrongs of the past.

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The Edge Of The Cloud by K.M. Peyton

Marching Onwards

The Edge Of The Cloud by K.M. Peyton is a marvellous YA historical novel and the second book in the Flambards series. I recommend reading book one first as this one starts where book one ended.

The first book focused on the old order of horses, this one focuses on the future that is planes. Planes are the passion of Will, whom we met in book one. We see how he lives and breathes them to the exclusion of all else.

In contrast his cousin Christina tolerates them because she knows how much planes mean to Will. Her passion is horses. Within the novel we witness both characters face their fears.

Planes in 1912 were flimsy and unreliable. They brought their fair share of tragedies.

Planes unite. There is no class within the aeronautical world, all are viewed equally and earn their merit. “There was no distinction of class or underdog: the mechanics, the pilots, the pupils, and the owners all mingled without status.” It is the dawn of a new era.

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Flambards by K.M. Peyton

The Past v The Future

Flambards by K.M. Peyton is a marvellous YA historical novel. It is perfect for ages twelve and above.

I first read Flambards at school when I was thirteen, many years ago. I really enjoyed it then and I really enjoyed it now. It is a timeless classic for all to enjoy.

Flambards is set between 1908 – 1912. It is a time of change and progress. Horse drawn carriages will soon be a thing of the past. Whilst some cling to the old order of things, others embrace the change that will come with cars and planes as they are admired. “She felt humbled by their faith, excited by their courage…”

The social status will soon change with the advent of World War I but for now the old order of masters and servants exists. The forward thinking, kind hearted leading lady is just twelve as the book opens but she is remarkably perceptive. “People should earn their place and not be born into it.” She sees hearts and not wealth and social status.

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