Flambards Divided by K.M. Peyton

Old Rivalries

Flambards Divided by K.M. Peyton is the final book in the marvellous YA historical Flambards series.

In this book the First World War is drawing to a close but not before it has blighted more young men’s lives. Men are killed, injured or battle scarred. For some the scars are visible, for others they are buried inside. War changes everyone.

Class barriers are beginning to break down. “There’s no class distinction in dying.” At home old habits die hard. Former servants whose status is now elevated find it hard to adjust and cannot lose their work ethic. Those who used to lord it over them, cannot accept that now they are on an equal footing. In Flambards it seems that the status quo will never change. Old tensions rise as relations are strained.

Cars are coming into fashion. Some still prefer horses. The need for speed unites them both as they find it exhilarating.

Life is hard. Tears are shed for the losses, the future hopes that have been dashed.

I have loved this Flambards series of four books. It has been fascinating to witness the social change as Britain enters the modern age. It has been heart breaking to see the losses and the futility of war.

Flambards gives us a glimpse into a bygone age that is teetering onto the edge of the new. It has been a fabulous series.


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