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The Edge Of The Cloud by K.M. Peyton

Marching Onwards

The Edge Of The Cloud by K.M. Peyton is a marvellous YA historical novel and the second book in the Flambards series. I recommend reading book one first as this one starts where book one ended.

The first book focused on the old order of horses, this one focuses on the future that is planes. Planes are the passion of Will, whom we met in book one. We see how he lives and breathes them to the exclusion of all else.

In contrast his cousin Christina tolerates them because she knows how much planes mean to Will. Her passion is horses. Within the novel we witness both characters face their fears.

Planes in 1912 were flimsy and unreliable. They brought their fair share of tragedies.

Planes unite. There is no class within the aeronautical world, all are viewed equally and earn their merit. “There was no distinction of class or underdog: the mechanics, the pilots, the pupils, and the owners all mingled without status.” It is the dawn of a new era.

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