Flambards In Summer by K.M. Peyton


Flambards In Summer by K.M. Peyton is the third book in the marvellous YA historical Flambards series. The books need to be read in order as they each follow on from the last.

The year is now 1916. The First World War is at its height using many young men as cannon fodder. “In 1916 a young woman dressed in mourning did not evoke a second glance.”

Not only were the young able bodied men at the Front, the domestic and work horses had also been commandeered. It took some clever thinking to be able to restore and run Flambards. Christina needs to harness whatever work force and animals she can.

Christina has grown into a fine young woman, still with a good heart and a compassionate nature. She seeks to right the wrongs of the past.

There is survivor’s guilt. “Sorrow doesn’t last forever, [she] thought, and was almost guilty.” It is not wrong to begin to live and laugh and love again.

The class system is starting to break down. “The war… made no such distinction, killing them in equal proportion.”

As Flambards is being restored and brought back to life, the reader witnesses’ characters mirroring this.

Family is important. Flambards is important. It is a family house and as such takes on its own personality.

I am loving this Flambards series. It is just as thrilling and exciting as it was when I first read it back in the 1970’s.


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