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Under The Mistletoe by Various

Wonderful Collection

Under The Mistletoe is a wonderful collection of tales celebrating Christmas. Some historical, some contemporary. United by common themes including love, friendship, new beginnings, open hearts and homes. Some truly delightful tales.

The Christmas Bride by Jenna Brandt is a historical romance. There are the themes of new beginnings, second chances and grace. We cannot alter our past but we can learn from it as we move into the future. There is power in prayer. God sees our heart. Gossip and prejudice are wrong. We need to love and not judge. The heroine is a very strong character and a very modern miss for 1870. A great tale to kick off this collection.

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Love’s Mending Embrace by Jenna Brandt

Never Alone

Love’s Mending Embrace by Jenna Brandt is a Christian historical novella and part of the First Street Church series. I enjoyed it.

The action is set in 1918 on the home front in America and in the prisons in Germany. Life is hard for the soldiers and for those left behind. Jenna Brandt shows how war changes people forever. Their bodies return home but their minds are still on the battlefield. Today we recognise this as PTSD but in 1918 people only saw damaged minds that only God could heal through prayer.

The novel is very reminiscent of Brother Yun’s ordeal in The Heavenly Man. Jenna Brandt reminds the reader that angels and miracles still exist today.

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The Oregon Pursuit by Jenna Brandt

Coming Full Circle

The Oregon Pursuit by Jenna Brandt is a Christian historical romance. It is the fourth book in the Window To The Heart series but can be read as a stand-alone. The beginning of the book recaps the action in the previous books so there are no gaps for the reader.

The Oregon Pursuit has a wonderful, warm feel to it, with the action being set around a bakery. Mouth watering descriptions really tantalise the reader’s taste buds.

The leading lady is refreshing with her big heart, her love for God and yet a very modern outlook on life for the 1870’s.

The novel is about family. Family pull together. Characters attract others to the family of God as they shine His light in dark places.

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The American Conquest by Jenna Brandt

Overcoming With God

The American Conquest by Jenna Brandt is the third and final book in the Window To The Heart series. It is a Christian historical adventure and can be read as a stand-alone as action from the previous books is recapped.

It has certainly been an exciting and cosmopolitan series, travelling from England to France and then to America. Each book, whilst being united by themes has had a totally unique flavour. This final book is one of conquest, discovery and adventure. It has a pioneering spirit at its heart.

As with previous books, the heroine has to face and overcome many struggles. Here it is the Native Americans that are the threat, along with unscrupulous Yanks. It was interesting to note the simple but content way of life of the Native Americans. “They did only what they needed to live. They did not kill themselves to gain more than what they needed.” This contrasts with the drive for ‘more’ of western society.

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