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The American Conquest by Jenna Brandt

Overcoming With God

The American Conquest by Jenna Brandt is the third and final book in the Window To The Heart series. It is a Christian historical adventure and can be read as a stand-alone as action from the previous books is recapped.

It has certainly been an exciting and cosmopolitan series, travelling from England to France and then to America. Each book, whilst being united by themes has had a totally unique flavour. This final book is one of conquest, discovery and adventure. It has a pioneering spirit at its heart.

As with previous books, the heroine has to face and overcome many struggles. Here it is the Native Americans that are the threat, along with unscrupulous Yanks. It was interesting to note the simple but content way of life of the Native Americans. “They did only what they needed to live. They did not kill themselves to gain more than what they needed.” This contrasts with the drive for ‘more’ of western society.

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