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The World Outside My Window by Clare Swatman

Care & Compassion

The World Outside My Window by Clare Swatman is a simply marvellous contemporary novel that I just could not put down.

The lead character is outgoing until her life changes in an instance (at the book’s start). The reader witnesses the change overnight as her world shrinks, confidence is shattered and agoraphobia kicks in. She is a likable leading lady and easy to empathise with as Clare Swatman writes part of the novel in the first person, enabling us to understand her fears.

Necessity forces the lead to face her fears. New neighbours show care and compassion, providing love and support that is beautiful to see.

Having lost sight of herself, we delight as the lead begins to discover herself again.

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A Love To Last A Lifetime by Clare Swatman

Serenely Beautiful

A Love To Last A Lifetime by Clare Swatman is a serenely beautiful contemporary novel about love.

Love comes in many forms – the love of parents and children, between friends, husbands and wives, and an all-consuming love.

This all-consuming love happens once in a lifetime to two characters in different generations. Both have been wrenched away from the love that consumed and both have memories to keep them warm. Would the love have remained if left to run its’ course? Or would it have fizzled? We shall never know. Outsiders decided it was good boy vs. wild boy, and every parent wants their daughter to marry the stable influence – but is that enough to be a love that lasts a lifetime?

There is the love between three friends. We all want to have friends who love us enough to tell us the truth in love. Friends who want the best for us and who will support us through all of life’s highs and lows.

We see the heartbreaking topic of early onset dementia. A character has faded but just occasionally we get glimpses of the lively girl she once was. Dementia affects all those around us. “That mum, the one who made me feel safe, protected, was still in there somewhere, hidden beneath the cruel cloak of dementia… I missed her.”

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Before We Grow Old by Clare Swatman

So Beautiful

Before We Grow Old by Clare Swatman is a simply beautiful dual timeline novel that you definitely need to have the tissues nearby.

This is a love story. It is a life story. And it is a loss story. This story is about loving and living well, and about grieving.

Life is for living. At seventeen years old the two lead characters wrote a bucket list for before they were forty. Twenty five years later they decide now is the time to work through their bucket list. Their life is joyous and their joy is infectious.

The novel alternates between the past from 1982 to present day 2018. It is a very beautiful novel as we see love, friendship and family.

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