Before We Grow Old by Clare Swatman

So Beautiful

Before We Grow Old by Clare Swatman is a simply beautiful dual timeline novel that you definitely need to have the tissues nearby.

This is a love story. It is a life story. And it is a loss story. This story is about loving and living well, and about grieving.

Life is for living. At seventeen years old the two lead characters wrote a bucket list for before they were forty. Twenty five years later they decide now is the time to work through their bucket list. Their life is joyous and their joy is infectious.

The novel alternates between the past from 1982 to present day 2018. It is a very beautiful novel as we see love, friendship and family.

Secrets have been kept. Choices have been made. Is now the time to face the consequences? Or bury deeper underground?

Before We Grow Old is an absolutely beautiful book. It will make you cry whilst simultaneously filling your heart with love.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources and Boldwood via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


Before We Grow Old

When seven-year-old Fran first met Will they knew instantly that they were made for each other. For eleven years they were inseparable, but then, at the age of eighteen, Will just upped and disappeared.

Twenty-five years later Will is back.

Is fate trying to give them a second chance?

Still nursing the heart break from all those years ago, Fran is reluctant to give Will the time of day. The price Will must pay is to tell the truth – the truth about why he left, the truth about why he’s back…

And Fran has her own secrets to hide. The time has come to decide what Fran and Will really want from life – before it’s too late.

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Clare Swatman is the author of three women’s fiction novels, published by Macmillan, which have been translated into over 20 languages. She has been a journalist for over twenty years, writing for Bella and Woman & Home amongst many other magazines. She lives in Hertfordshire.

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