Poems For Loved Ones by Kenzo Amariyo

Powerfully Moving

Poems For Loved Ones by Kenzo Amariyo is a powerful collection of heartfelt poems for those who are grieving.

In the introduction we learn about the power of forgiveness. “Forgiveness is only a choice away.” We must forgive or else risk imprisoning ourselves in bitterness. Unforgiveness will hurt us most of all.

As we love, we know that one day we will hurt. The only way to prevent hurt is to lock up our heart and never love – but what sort of a life would that be?

As we live, choose to live a life of love and make memories that will warm us when loss comes.

Grief has a cycle of “denial; anger; bargaining; depression; acceptance.” We do not move on from one to the next in a fluid moment but will revisit the stages before we finally come to acceptance of what we cannot change. Each grief journey is unique.

All the poems are beautiful and from the heart. Loss is tangible. I found it most powerfully expressed in this verse:

“I will always be here

Just look to your heart,

And there you will find me

For we’ll never part.”

This is a beautiful collection of poems that I shall revisit again and again.

I will leave the final words to Kenzo Amariyo:

“At the end of the day life and death are about love and compassion, for others and for ourselves. We fulfil our lives not by how much money we have, who we knew, what job we had, but by the amount of souls that we touched whilst here on earth. Love and compassion will carry us safely home.”

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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