When Both Ends Meet by Alan C Hammond


When Both Ends Meet by Alan C Hammond is a wonderful eclectic collection of poems, all cleverly constructed and highly entertaining.

Each poem is introduced by the author. They are varying lengths from just four lines to a couple of pages.

The poems cover a variety of subjects. I had my favourites. I particularly liked Sonnet about a mother, and also the very first poem When Both Ends Meet about Santa and Lucifer. Some poems make you think – why does a gooseberry have hairs? And more seriously about the gap between the common man who does all the graft compared with those in the upper classes.

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Your Words Your World by Louise Belanger


Your Words Your World by Louise Belanger is a most beautiful book of poetry about us and God, and the world that He created.

Each poem is accompanied by a stunning photo from nature that is so very beautiful. We marvel at the natural world that God has created.

God created us to live in relationship with Him and with each other. Life is never meant to be lived in grand isolation but in relationships. The poems celebrate this as they explore Biblical themes and a God who loves us.

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