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Pets Are A Pleasure by Malcolm D Welshman


Pets Are A Pleasure by Malcolm D Welshman is the wonderful fourth book in the Pets In A Pickle series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Once more we follow the exploits of newly qualified vet Paul. We hear of his interactions with the animals within the practice and with their owners and his neighbours and friends.

This is a very light hearted and down to earth tale, easy to picture and to empathise with.

For a vet, he has a surprising amount of animal phobias – I certainly agree with him about spiders!

The whole book is extremely funny. I once more, found myself sniggering and laughing throughout. It was absolutely hilarious at times – especially the scene about the escaped lion!

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The Silver Gate by L. M. Parry


The Silver Gate by L M Parry is an enchanting contemporary fairytale adventure for ages eight years and over. I am considerably older but I really enjoyed it.

This is an old-fashioned fairytale with traditional elements as we witness the fight between good and the powers of darkness. There are magical spells, fairies, talking animals and wizards to name but a few.

 We see that not everything that appears good can be trusted. We need to discern who is good and who has been caught in a spell and spreading darkness.

To defeat evil, we need to remain steadfast and true, living in the light and not being deceived.

It is important to hold on to hope. To despair would be to admit defeat. Hope tells us there are better times ahead.

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The Mad Adventures Of Freya Waggytail by Helly Eaton

Absolutely Delightful

The Mad Adventures Of Freya Waggytail by Helly Eaton is the most delightful children’s book about the adventures of a rescue dog. It will make you smile.

The book is just perfect to read to young children or for more confident readers to read themselves.

This book will warm your heart whilst simultaneously bringing a tear to your eye as your read about Freya’s abandonment. “They took her to a place full of other dogs, all with sad stories.”

We see that dogs are friendly whereas cats like to be in charge. As a crazy cat lady who grew up with Burmese, this sentence really resonated with me. “She didn’t know then that Burmese cats thought they owned the world and everything in it.” Burmese cats perfectly captured in a sentence!

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A Bite-Sized Pirate by K.S. D’arcy

Simply Beautiful

A Bite-Sized Pirate by K.S D’arcy is a simply beautiful book for the under fives.

The story is written in simple rhyme with just four lines per double page. There is a rhythm to the words, enabling our children to join in when they have heard it a few times.

Each page is beautifully illustrated by Zenja Gammer. A friendly looking parrot is the subject of each illustration. His big, beautiful eyes draw the reader in. We learn that he visits us in our dreams. As he watches over us, we feel safe.

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