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Evil At Alardyce House by Heather Atkinson

Full Circle

Evil At Alardyce House by Heather Atkinson is the fourth book in the marvellous Alardyce House series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading the previous novels first.

Twelve years have passed since the end of book two as we follow the fortunes of Robert Alardyce and his family. We travel from Edinburgh to Africa and back again. The intervening years have helped Robert Alardyce realise what is really important and what he wants from life. Returning to his family they have to decide – is Robert the man he was? Or is he who he now claims to be?

Family is important. Matriarch Amy holds the family together, knowing that one day the mantle will pass to the next generation – but who?

We see the strength of character of both Amy and her daughter-in-law Jane. They have an inner resilience that means they are survivors.

Life is a battle between good and evil. We see souls in torment as a battle rages within.

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His Fatal Legacy by Heather Atkinson


His Fatal Legacy by Heather Atkinson is an historical novel that gripped me from the start. It is the third book in the Alardyce House series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The tale is set in Edinburgh in the late nineteenth century. It has elements of the Gothic tradition with large houses, dark nights, deserted alleyways and sinister characters. The tone is chilling as an air of menace appears.

Family is important. A mother’s love is fiercely protective, needing to uphold appearances no matter the cost. Dreadful secrets and suspicions arise but lips are sealed.

We witness nature versus nurture – are monsters made by their genes or a product of their environment? A character wrestles with the darkness within as he tries to focus on the light.

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