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Murder In The Bookshop by Anita Davison


Murder In The Bookshop by Anita Davison is a fabulous historical novel that entertained me from the start. It is part of A Miss Merrill & Aunt Violet Mystery series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The action is set in London in 1915. Britain is embroiled in World War I and the atmosphere of fear has been captured by the author. We witness the devastation of zeppelin raids. As life is hanging in the balance, we see hasty promises turning to regrets.

There is a search to uncover the truth, whilst simultaneously some are in a hurry to bury it. A character wishes to hide a murky past. There are no lengths to which one will not stoop.

Childhood friends have forged deep bonds as they look out for each other.

Some set out their plans as deception is the order of the day – for some there are ulterior motives. Others practice smoke and mirrors in order to protect.

All the characters were well drawn and likable. We see the role of women changing. With World War I came more opportunities. Lives that had fought to expand as suffragettes, opened up further as women stepped into roles vacated by men going to war.

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