Hidden Pearl by J.E. Laufer

Such Bravery

Hidden Pearl by J.E. Laufer is a YA inspiring true account of the author’s Mother-in-law Pearl’s experiences as a child during World War II.

Pearl was ten years old at the outbreak of war. Her family of eleven were Jewish and lived in Poland which the Nazis over-ran. Her story is one of incredible bravery and tenacity.

As a child Pearl’s best hope of survival was to hide her faith and live with strangers, doing chores. She was separated from her family, surviving on hope.

Hidden Pearl is a remarkable story of courage in one so young, at a time of great evil. Pearl never forgot her faith but hung on silently and secretly.

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The Island by C.L. Taylor


The Island by C.L. Taylor is a thrillingly good YA psychological suspense that will have your pulse rising and your heart racing.

Paradise soon becomes hell as what should have been a dream come true disintegrates into a nightmare.

We all have fears and phobias. We need to face them before we can defeat them.

Tensions rise within both the reader and the characters as the island rapidly seems to take on a personality of its own.

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