The Star Outside My Window by Onjali Q Rauf


The Star Outside My Window by Onjali Q Rauf is a powerful and heartbreaking children’s novel, just perfect for ages ten years and over.

The story surrounds the topic of foster children who have escaped domestic abuse. Such is their innocence that they may not even realise the extent of the cruelty in their lives. They have learnt to follow the rules and to be silent. Life is a new foster house is illuminating – there are no rules but still the children fear activating their foster Mum’s ‘switch.’

We follow a set of siblings, ten year old Aniyah and her five year old brother, Noah. They believe that their Mum will be re-born into a star so when a new star is discovered, they set out to London, to the Observatory to name the star after their Mum.

We see some truly heart wrenching moments as the reader realizes the dreadful time that the children have been through. In their new foster house, they meet other foster children. Bonds are formed. We see that abuse always leaves scars but not all are visible. Some are hidden, as children lose the ability to talk or talk with a stutter. One child is cruel but it comes from a place of fear of rejection.

This is also a book about friendship. It is friendship that will go the extra mile, that offers love and support.

It is also a book about love – the love a mother had for her children, and the vast love of a foster mother for those in her care.

This is a powerful novel that consumed me and broke me. The children are so very brave. We may never know that sufferings of others as outward appearances do not always show that turbulence that beats within.

Onjali Q Rauf always writes powerful stories about important topics that are not always covered by others. She highlights issues that we all need to be aware of. All her books speak to the heart.


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