The Couple Across The Street by Anita Waller

What Lurks Behind

The Couple Across The Street by Anita Waller is a totally gripping contemporary psychological thriller that I just could not put down.

Behind the curtains of suburbia one can find secrets and lies. Sometimes people spend a lifetime hiding a guilty secret, but even after death, secrets have a way of rising to the surface, leaving a trial of destruction. Suburbia is not always as cosy as one imagines.

Anita Waller has created a marvellous plotline that grabbed my attention from the start – a near tragedy in the past opens the book as I wondered – how does this fit in?

We see how loss draws a family closer. But even as there is grief, for some, freedom is just beginning.

The leading characters are mainly women. We see how alone they may be powerless but together they are stronger. Strength of character is needed to negotiate the highways of life.

The detective duo are a formidable pairing as they diligently search for the truth. They quietly ask their questions, poking around until the truth comes cascading down.

The Couple Across The Street was a marvellous crime thriller that would make a fabulous movie. Be ware the curtains of suburbia -you do not know what lurks behind! This was a cracking read.

I received a free copy from Rachel’s Random Resources for a blog tour. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


The Couple Across The Street

A darkness settles on this supposedly quiet street…

When Clare becomes a widow, her response is something that shocks her – relief. All she wants to do is move on and figure out how to continue her life, alone, no matter the guilt that brings.

So when Vic, her closest friend, comes to her, showing the signs of trouble in her own marriage, she is more than supportive in helping her leave Rob.

But Vic doesn’t get the chance to do that. Because as they go over to Vic’s house to collect her things, they find a body. Rob’s.

It appears someone else had an axe to grind. But for Clare, already reeling from secrets from her own late husband’s dark past, she’s about to find out this murder isn’t as straightforward as it may appear…

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Anita Waller is the author of many bestselling psychological thrillers and the Kat and Mouse crime series. She lives in Sheffield, which continues to be the setting of many of her thrillers, and was first published by Bloodhound at the age of sixty-nine. Her first book for Boldwood will be published in August 2022.

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