The Extraordinary Deaths Of Mrs Kip by Sara Brunsvold

Hidden Warriors

The Extraordinary Deaths Of Mrs Kip by Sara Brunsvold is the most charming and heart-warming Christian novel that will sink into your soul. Every now and again a novel comes along that just completely swamps you with love and beauty – and this is that novel. It overwhelmed me with its love, care and beauty.

The novel shows us that “so long as we have breath, the Lord calls to our hearts.” There are no retirement plans in the kingdom of God as demonstrated by the leading lady, seventy nine year old Clara Kip. Her outlook is friendly and chirpy. Her spirit is alive with the love of God. As her body fades, her spirit becomes more alive than ever.

Age has no boundaries to friendship as we view the beautiful bond between Mrs Kip and a young newspaper reporter. Time is short but friendship runs deep.

Much of the setting is in a home for people dying of cancer. It is far from gloomy as Mrs Kip injects life and love. As she enters, “she clung to the belief that the Lord had something for her here.” We are called to serve the Lord wherever we are.

We see the dream to help those who cannot help themselves. The desire is to show the love of Jesus to all. “Show me how I can serve you today among these people.” Mrs Kip had a huge capacity for love which she spread everywhere.

What legacy will you leave behind? We sow seeds as we pass through life. Sometimes we will see the harvest and sometimes not. Let your legacy be one of love.

Mrs Kip lives knowing Jesus walks beside her. “She… relaxed into the chair, as if the Lord himself had provided his lap on which she could rest.” What a beautiful image.

Mrs Kip knows that “the grave is not my final home. I want to live as if I believe that.” Mrs Kip lives with one eye on eternity.

We see that God works in mysterious ways. “The Lord hides His warriors in the most surprising places.” God’s angels are everywhere. They are people living out their faith with love. It is in the hard times that we grow in faith as we learn to trust God in the dark.

I absolutely loved The Extraordinary Deaths Of Mrs Kip. It was a novel that sank into my soul and filled my heart with love and beauty.

I will leave you with my favourite quote:

“Fear is an invitation to remember who God is.”

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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