Elysium Tide by James R Hannibal

Exciting And Well Executed

Elysium Tide by James R Hannibal is an exciting contemporary crime suspense that captured my attention from the start.

The main setting in Maui is very exotic and in complete contrast to a grey London. An ex-army vet and surgeon is sent to Maui for some r and r. It proves anything but as he is soon embroiled in the hunt to catch a killer, along with the local police lady. They make a dynamic duo after originally locking swords.

Elysium Tide is a fast-paced suspense with an intricately, well thought out and well executed plotline. The reader turns this way and that, trying to join the dots.

The community is close knit, meaning that growing up, the future law enforcement officers and the future criminals grew up side by side. They just made different life choices and must face the consequences.

All the characters were well drawn and realistic. There were some wonderful verbal exchanges between characters.

Elysium Tide was an exciting read. It would make a marvellous Netflix mini-series.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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