So How Will You Sleep? by Annabel Gardiner


So How Will You Sleep?  by Annabel Gardiner is an absolutely beautiful book and just perfect for young children.

Each page explores how different animals’ sleep. With simple rhyme and repetition, it is a book that will encourage children to join in with the words. As older children follow along, the repetition will help them learn to read. Even as I read the book in my head, the words bounced along.

The whole book Is beautifully illustrated by Samantha Thorley. We see each animal asleep but so much more than that is contained within each page – whilst viewing a fox asleep, we see a mole is digging. The illustrations are all starting points for wider discussions with our children about animals and their habitats, and which animals sleep at night and which are nocturnal.

On every page there is the added bonus of looking for the caterpillar. Even as an adult I found myself hunting for him!

So How Will You Sleep? Is a beautiful book to grace the bookshelves of all households with young children. It is a book to savor and to treasure.

I received a free copy from the publishers. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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