The German Wife by Debbie Rix

Powerful And Horrifying

The German Wife by Debbie Rix is a powerful historical novel that consumed me from the start.

As the title suggests, the reader follows the German wife from the 1930’s, through the war years and just beyond before leaping forwards to 1984. It is a powerful read as we witness a character whose goodness of heart never wavered. “It was a tiny act of kindness in a sea of inhumanity.” It was a time of mass cruelty and unspeakable horrors.

Married to a doctor who worked in Dachau meant freedom of speech was curtailed. Inner most thoughts of the horror of it all ate away at what had started as a loving relationship. We witness that many had their secrets.

We see a character torn between what he does and his conscience – to speak out? Or remain safe and keep quiet? Living in Munich under Nazi control was a dangerous place.

There are some very hard to read scenes of terrible medical experiments carried out in the name of research. Ever those surrounded by depravity are shocked by what is seen.

Relationships were conducted in unnatural times, meaning it was easy for some to persuade themselves that they were in love.

There are glimpses of life after the war, both in Munich and America. The invisible scars of war lie deep, making normal life almost impossible to pick up again.

Debbie Rix has written a powerful and horrifying story. Her words paint pictures of terrible scenes which are now implanted in my mind.

The German Wife must be read in memory of the six million who perished, and of those who survived but were scarred. This is a harrowing read but a necessary one.

I received a free copy via Net Galley. A favourable review was not required. All opinions are my own.


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