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Wings Like A Dove by Camille Eide

Love Finds A Way

Wings Like A Dove by Camille Eide is a powerful Christian historical novel that has its foundations in fact. Camille Eide has woven a fabulous tale.

The novel is set in 1933 in New York and a rural town in the heart of America. It is a time of the Great Depression. There is much poverty. Out of their poverty, some characters give what little they have to those who have even less. Where they see a need, it is met.

In contrast there are some bigoted, racially intolerant characters who work together to make life impossible for those whose skin is a different colour or whose religion is not seen as the ‘right’ one. “You could be despised for the odious crime of simply being born.” Prejudice is rife. The reader sees the appalling lengths some people will stoop to as characters see themselves as racially and morally superior.

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The Essence Of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller

The Hand Of God

The Essence Of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller is an epic contemporary Christian novel that will consume your heart and soul. The handprint of God runs throughout.

The novel is about sacrificial love. It is a love that is trying to atone for past sins. “Suffering was her penalty for the sins of her past.” Guilt weighs heavy but it is a burden we were never meant to carry. Confession is good for the soul and brings peace. We need to receive the grace and forgiveness of God. It is important to forgive the face in the mirror too.

There is loss within the tale. It is a loss that unleashes a terrible hidden secret life. Guilt that a hurt went unseen weighs heavy as a character rails at God. “You don’t even care… Where are You? Do You even exist?” In our hurt and pain, it is all too easy to direct our anger at God. God stands firmly beside us in our suffering. He was there in the hurt and pain. He never leaves us but we cannot always see Him.

The sins of the fathers seem destined to be repeated. Somehow the cycle of sin must be broken, but at what cost?

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Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle

Re-Igniting Christmas

Christmas Angels by Nancy Naigle is a most delightful Christmas contemporary novel that will get you in the festive mood.

The novel is about following your heart’s desire and new beginnings. When God places a dream in your heart, you need to grasp it with both hands and hold on. When others come on board with your dream, amazing things can happen.

Nancy Naigle has perfectly captured small town living. Needs are met, warm welcomes await, hearts are opened to stranger, family and friends. A warm atmosphere envelopes the reader as we catch the Christmas mood.

Nancy Naigle’s words evoke all that Christmas should be – snow, lights, festivities, family and friends. She lights the fire of the perfect Christmas within hearts.

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A Season To Dance by Patricia Beal

A Late Bloomer

A Season To Dance by Patricia Beal is a contemporary Christian novel about a journey of discovering the heart of God.

The novel is set in 2008 and 2011 and the reader travels from America to Germany and back again. The physical journey is mirrored by a spiritual journey as the reader sees a character relentlessly pursued by God. God loves us so much that He will persistently pursue our hearts. Only God can truly satisfy. The reader sees the main character filling her life with earthly pleasures. They will never satisfy. Only God satisfies. “I know better than to fight the Holy Spirit of God.” When we ‘feel’ the Holy Spirit’s prompts, we would be wise to listen.

The main character has a passion for dancing. There are a lot of technical details that enable the reader to ‘see’ the dancers. Patricia Beal brings the actions alive with her words.

There are some very touching moments within the novel concerning a character with Huntington ’s disease. Patricia Beal’s words brought a tear to my eyes.

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