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The Essence Of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller

The Hand Of God

The Essence Of Shade by Deborah Jean Miller is an epic contemporary Christian novel that will consume your heart and soul. The handprint of God runs throughout.

The novel is about sacrificial love. It is a love that is trying to atone for past sins. “Suffering was her penalty for the sins of her past.” Guilt weighs heavy but it is a burden we were never meant to carry. Confession is good for the soul and brings peace. We need to receive the grace and forgiveness of God. It is important to forgive the face in the mirror too.

There is loss within the tale. It is a loss that unleashes a terrible hidden secret life. Guilt that a hurt went unseen weighs heavy as a character rails at God. “You don’t even care… Where are You? Do You even exist?” In our hurt and pain, it is all too easy to direct our anger at God. God stands firmly beside us in our suffering. He was there in the hurt and pain. He never leaves us but we cannot always see Him.

The sins of the fathers seem destined to be repeated. Somehow the cycle of sin must be broken, but at what cost?

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