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A Season To Dance by Patricia Beal

A Late Bloomer

A Season To Dance by Patricia Beal is a contemporary Christian novel about a journey of discovering the heart of God.

The novel is set in 2008 and 2011 and the reader travels from America to Germany and back again. The physical journey is mirrored by a spiritual journey as the reader sees a character relentlessly pursued by God. God loves us so much that He will persistently pursue our hearts. Only God can truly satisfy. The reader sees the main character filling her life with earthly pleasures. They will never satisfy. Only God satisfies. “I know better than to fight the Holy Spirit of God.” When we ‘feel’ the Holy Spirit’s prompts, we would be wise to listen.

The main character has a passion for dancing. There are a lot of technical details that enable the reader to ‘see’ the dancers. Patricia Beal brings the actions alive with her words.

There are some very touching moments within the novel concerning a character with Huntington ’s disease. Patricia Beal’s words brought a tear to my eyes.

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